Wednesday, 24.8.2022
19:20 – 20:20, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 8)
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Mila Hergert: »Schnauze voll«

Deaf performer Mila Hergert is a sign-language poet, actress and pastry chef. From her artistic preoccupation with the constant presence of social media, the pressure of always having to make the private public – to the point of redundancy – she finds herself in a position with many others: namely, Mila Hergert is fed up. Her impressive Commissioned Work opens up a deep insight into the aesthetic forms of expression of her poetry. Mila will enter into a performative dialogue with her digital self on the cinema screen.

Following the performance, Mila Hergert, Katharina Tress, Mats Küssner and Sara Lu will attempt to answer the question, »Wie schmeckt Kunst? oder: Wie riecht Musik?« (»How Does Art Taste? Or: How Does Music Smell«).

Credits: Mila Hergert (concept & performance), Katharina Tress (videography), Frank Grunert (light design), Pamela Schlewinski & Raphael Börger (concept & dramaturgy)

Mila Hergert (Foto: Maxim Mitin)

Mila Hergert: »Schnauze voll«

concept & performance
Mila Hergert

Katharina Tress
light design
Frank Grunert
concept & dramaturgy
Pamela Schlewinski & Raphael Börger
Mila Hergert & Oya Ataman

Supported by Deutscher Gehörlosenbund