Thursday, 25.8.2022
22:20 – 23:20, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 5)
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»New Weird Postost – Alliances, Differences and the Decolonisation of the ›East‹« (En)

Anastasia Tikhomirova, Julia Boxler (Moderation), Mariia Vorotilina

Russia’s war in Ukraine has challenged the already complex and diverse Postost community – there’s potential for broad solidarity, but also for conflict. This talk will bring together figures from the cultural scene with post-socialist backgrounds to discuss alliances, differences and competitions in the communities. What is Postost anyway? Is there actually a fixed community and self-conception? How do collective processes affect artistic creation? How are identity, collective and work related for Postost artists? Why is decolonisation of the Postost region so important? What happens to a community that is constantly confronted with new waves of migration? Mariia Vorotilina (curator and activist) and journalist Anastasia Tikhomirova will discuss these issues. The talk is conceived and hosted by Julia Boxler (X3 Podcast – the first German Postost podcast).

Supported by the Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) within the framework of Pop-Kultur Inter:national / Fokus Osteuropa.

Collage of three photos side by side shows young people read as women. They are in this order from left to right: Anastasia Tikhomirova, Mariia Vorotilina, Julia Boxler. Anastasia Tikhomirova is seen in close-up. In the professionally lit portrait, she is wearing a gray snake print V-neck top over a matching color, tight-fitting gray turtleneck shirt. She has her face turned to the right in half-profile, her face framed by blonde, open curls. She looks at the camera and smiles slightly with closed lips painted red. Mariia Vorotilina has a blonde short haircut and wears a thick necklace made of glassy, transparent material. She smiles into the camera with her mouth closed. Julia Boxler can be seen in profile up to her chest. She wears a metallic shimmering top in royal blue with collar and half-open zipper to the chest. She wears her long brown hair open with a center parting. The portrait is professionally lit, the background is white. She smiles into the camera with closed lips painted red. The photo next to her shows a young woman up to her chest in half-profile. Turning to the left, she is standing outside in front of a brown wall, a piece of leafage is visible at the top. She is wearing a dark blue tunic with a buttonless neckline that is slightly open. A t-shirt in a slightly darker shade of blue with a round neckline is visible underneath.
Anastasia Tikhomirova, Mariia Vorotilina, Julia Boxler

Anastasia Tikhomirova, Mariia Vorotilina

Concept & Moderation
Julia Boxler

Film Location
Kino der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin

Film & Editing