Painting (Foto: Silke Briel)
Wednesday, 24.8.2022
20:00 – 21:00, Kesselhaus
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Painting: »Painting White on White«

Theresa Stroetges, Christian Hohenbild and Sophia Trollmann are Painting: a new band with members of Soft Grid and Golden Diskó Ship that immediately declared themselves dead on their debut album »Painting Is Dead«. With their Commissioned Work, Painting takes you into an interactive digital space that makes the audience part of a computer game and sends them through infinite visual levels. »Painting White on White« lets all protagonists disappear into a virtual reality, which then, with psychedelic avant-garde pop, leads intensively back into the physical world. Painting’s Commissioned Work is euphoric, unruly, and wonderfully experimental.

Become part of the interactive commissioned work of Painting! Play through the virtual worlds of the band live on the Kesselhaus stage on 24.08.2022. All you need to do is have a ticket for the festival on 24.08.2022 and send a short message to for more information.

Credits: Theresa Stroetges, Christian Hohenbild, Sophia Trollmann (music), Paula Reissig (visuals), Jana Wassong (set design)

Painting (Foto: Silke Briel)