Thursday, 25.8.2022
18:40 – 19:40, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 5)
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»Pop-Festivals: Welche Gesellschaft soll das abbilden?« – Panel von Deutschlandfunk Kultur (De)

Christoph Reimann (host), Graf Fidi, Jana Posth, Juliane Reil (host), Misla Tesfamariam

Many festival line-ups can leave you feeling disillusioned. Where are the women? Where are the people of colour, where are the people with disabilities? A disproportionate number of White, abled, cis men still dominate events – not only on stage but also behind the scenes and in the audience. Shouldn’t we be beyond that? But perhaps a little more understanding is in order. After two and a half years of the pandemic, festival organisers are facing special economic challenges – and are playing it safe. Moreover, the industry is short of staff, as many former employees have long since sought more secure employment. How do we create a festival landscape that is there for everyone? And who is particularly in demand here? That’s what we want to talk about – with the rapper and inclusion ambassador Graf Fidi, project manager at Lollapalooza Berlin Jana Posth and the artist manager Misla Tesfamariam.

Collage of five photos side by side shows young people read as women and men. They are in this order from left to right: Graf Fidi, Jana Posth, Misla Tesfamariam, Christoph Reimann, Juliane Reil. In the first photo, a young man with blond short hair and short trimmed beard laughs frontally into the camera. Graf Fidi is pictured up to his chest, wearing a black sweater with white and red writing, of which only the letters "NKLU" and the number "21" are clearly legible. Behind him, another person with brown hair and a camera tripod is vaguely recognizable. Next to it is a photo of Jana Posth in a white top with a V-neck. She looks frontally into the camera, her mouth is closed. A brown fringe frames her forehead, her hair is tied back. Misla Tesfamariam is pictured up to her chest, wearing a gray and blue crew-neck sweater, a silver necklace with a pendant, and a blue, green and white glencheck patterned jacket over the sweater. She smiles slightly crookedly at the camera with pink painted closed lips. Daylight falls on one half of her face from the right side. In the photo next to her, Christoph Reimann is pictured up to his chest. He is wearing a mustard-yellow sweater with a knit pattern. Over it a black jacket. He has his head slightly tilted to the left and suggests a smile with closed lips. He wears a brown short haircut and a full beard. Behind him, a dark brown painted wooden wall can be seen. Next to it is a close-up of Juliane Reil. A little bit of her light gray top with a round neckline can be seen. She smiles into the camera with closed lips, her reddish-brown hair falls over her forehead to the left side.
Graf Fidi, Jana Posth, Misla Tesfamariam, Christoph Reimann, Juliane Reil

Graf Fidi, Jana Posth, Misla Tesfamariam

Christoph Reimann, Juliane Reil

Film Location
Kino der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin

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