Friday, 26.8.2022
20:40 – 21:10 / 22:00 – 22:30 / 23:20 – 23:50, Probebühne RambaZamba
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R&D: »Doing–Undoing«

»Doing-Undoing« is an immersive multimedia experience by R&D, diving into the topics of labour, social projections, the body and its limits, and takes inspiration from the immediate surroundings. Members of the audience are welcomed to move through the installation, which is activated by a live performance. While visitors lurk somewhere between self-programming affirmations and blurred reality of digital labour, they dive deeper into the metaverse, consumed, hollowed out and dissected, allowing the absurdity of some types of labour come to the surface. »Doing-Undoing« explores the lifestyle fuelled by the adrenaline of workaholism and basking in the glamour of burnout, like a 21st-century Ouroboros or Sisyphos.