Wednesday, 24.8.2022
19:20 – 20:20, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 8)
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»Wie schmeckt Kunst? oder: Wie riecht Musik?« (De)

Katharina Tress, Mats Küssner, Mila Hergert, Sara Lu

In her performance, Mila Hergert shows us how we can enter into a new relationship with our senses – seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling – more inclusively, more holistically. After all, our senses allow us to encounter not only the world and our fellow human beings, but above all ourselves in our deepest innermost being – for example, by accessing our emotions through art. Following Mila Hergert’s performance, in which she enters into a dialogue with her recorded self, the videographer Katharina Tress, the artist Mila Hergert as well as choreographer Sara Lu and the music psychologist Mats Küssner will talk about the opportunities and challenges of our sense-mediated perspectives and ask: What does music actually smell like?
The talk will be preceded by the performance »Schnauze voll« (»Full of Snout«) by Mila Hergert.

Credits: Mila Hergert (panelist), Katharina Tress (panelist), Mats Küssner (panelist), Sara Lu (panelist), Pamela Schlewinski & Raphael Börger (concept)

Collage of five photos side by side shows young people read as women and men. They are in this order from left to right: Katharina Tress, Mats Küssner, Mila Hergert, Sara Lu. Katharina Tress is wearing a white top with a round neck. Her forehead is framed by a dark fringe. She smiles with slightly opened lips and looks into the camera. Mats Küssner is in half-profile turned to the left and looks out of the picture to the upper left. He smiles with a slightly crooked mouth. He presses black over-ear headphones to his ears with both hands. He wears a petrol-blue sweater, which is color-coordinated with the futuristic background, also in blue and petrol tones. On the right side of his face, which is in shadow, a laser-like play of light stretches across his eye, cheek and chin. Mila Hergert can be seen up to her waist. She wears long, brown, wavy hair, which is blown a bit into her face by the wind, red lipstick, golden, small creole earrings, a narrow golden necklace with a golden pendant, a black jacket and underneath a white shirt with thin red horizontal stripes. Sara Lu is seen in half profile, facing right up to her chest. The young woman is wearing a brown mottled top with a V-neck. Her short hair is blond at the tips and she smiles into the camera with her mouth open. Behind her, a natural scenery with trees and a meadow is visible. Next to it is a black and white photograph of a young woman in half-profile, facing right.
Katharina Tress, Mats Küssner, Mila Hergert, Sara Lu

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